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Yankees Pride


Went to Dollarama today and bought a new waterbottle bc the old one had cracks in it. Went with Bees and Julz. I am drinking water as of now bc my stupid diabetic score is high. :(

I am not getting the iPad mini. Julz traded the old iPad that she had for my Amazon Fire. No sense in getting a smaller version of the one I have eh? I am going to take out $750 in November, I want to get a nice topaz ring for my baby sister Bees for her birthday... also I want to get this. Both versions. That ought to be epic! :D I want to see what has changed, and what has stayed the same. Probably the battling and trading changed to the infuriating Nintendo whatever. Free trading should come back. Stupid Nintendo wants the big bucks. 😒😑😶 Damn you Reggie... or whatever. 

LOL once I get going there is no stopping me!! I'm like a runaway train. Jeez... well.. I could have given warning... I tend to be infamous for my ranting! Haha!!!

Ok, I will stfu now.
Sammy xoxo

cat with pacifier

Saving up the shekels...

 I'm only taking out $50 this month, and that has to last me the whole month, bc I am saving up for an iPad mini and my sister's topaz ring in November... so every little bit counts. I need to really save up. I want to prove to Mom, Dave, Heather and Raza that I can do this 'saving up the shekels' thing. I am not happy that I have to wait til November to get the iPad mini but that is non negotiable. Dave and Mom and the others have made that crystal clear. :(

But I am determined to do this. If I save up 5 months worth of $100s then I can easily take out enough to get what I want in November. I am going to talk about this with Dave next Thursday. I can do this. Nothing can stop me. I'll save up til the cows come home.

Also, today I want to order out to Pizza Pizza to get some panzerotti and french fries. 😊 My sister is buying. ❤

So, how are my lovelies today??
Sammy xoxo
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Hello from the edge...

 Edge of what? Um.. insanity? IDK. LOL! I just had quiche Lorraine and Greek salad for dinner. Yummy! I might have the second sachet of instant ramen later on... depends on if Bees wants to order out afterhours today or tomorrow... I think I might have the ramen... I don't think Bees will do it.

What are y'all doing for Canada Day / Independence Day? We are probably having a BBQ. I don't know however bc Aunt Sonia is working that weekend and she doesn't usually do a huge meal for a national holiday. Maybe? Maybe not. 

My 47th birthday is fast approaching. (July 2) and I don't know what I'm doing that day also... I know that sister Julie wants to take myself and Bees out to Econo's Pizza and Café for my birthday dinner. 😀 But other than that? IDK. And I think I'm going to save Julz's birthday gift ($100) for November. I think putting that towards November, will help with my early Hanukkah gift -- an iPad Mini and I am getting Colleen a topaz ring for her birthday to replace the one hawked by her butthole of an ex Brian. 😣😫🙄

I'm drinking water now... I'm trying to do a cleanse... bc a) my sugars are high and b) I just feel like doing a water cleanse. 

What are you up to these days??
Sammy xoxo
cat with pacifier

Disappointed but Bees saved the day in a way...

 I can't get my iPad mini until November... not even for my bloody birthday. I am beyond pissed. But it will be that way, anyways bc I'm getting my baby sister Bees a ring for her birthday. Something that stupid arse Brian Sooley took from her. 😶

I am going to get the Shield expansion packs, they are pretty cheap. 

We had a raccoon make a mess of the staff foyer, he was just a baby but he was knocking things down off the shelving, scared Mom though... hehe... but she took pictures of it to send to Dave.


That was my bday gift from Bees.


Sammy xoxo